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Tell us your legal company name unless you are a sole proprietor, then your first and last name will replace your business legal name. No PO Box numbers please. Speed tip: If you enter your street address and zip code, we will populate the rest!

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When you look at the division of corporations, this would be the year from “the event date filed or event effective date”

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What type of work do your employees do?

Each workers comp class code will give you the ability to add any included owners, W2 employees and 1099 workers that do not have their own WC policies and need to be covered. Keep in mind that in order to be covered under the policy, all employees will need to be paid as W2.

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Whats Your Number of Employees and Weekly Payroll For These Activities?

What is your number or employees and expected payroll for the selected activities on a weekly basis? Include owners, and all W-2 employees. Also include all subcontractors, cash and 1099 workers who haven't provided proof of their own workers compensation coverage.